New Apartment… decluttering pending?

Having moved recently I discovered that I have a lot of stuff, yes I have decluttered more than once but I still kept so much. Some of the clutter was, or should I say is, from my childhood. I imagined passing it down to a child one day. I have annuals (books, for people who … Read more New Apartment… decluttering pending?

Up-cycle, recycle, re-use – Organising & Crafting

Re-use what you can in your organising and crafting. A fan of black cat peanut butter? Use that glass bottle, don’t waste it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying keep every empty container for a rainy organising or crafting day. The term hoarder comes to mind, in other words me not so long … Read more Up-cycle, recycle, re-use – Organising & Crafting

Multitasking, kill those tasks

Having an “air punchingly” good multitasking day? Brilliant, but not everyone can multitask, and I don’t mean women can but men can’t. I know of people, both men and women, who can do it brilliantly so I am not referring to gender stereotyping at all. I have my good days and my bad days but … Read more Multitasking, kill those tasks

Packing Moving Boxes – Quick Tip

I have the fortunate (or unfortunate) luck of being able to plan and pack ahead of time. My move is still 2 or 3 months away which gives me the chance to purge whilst I pack. However, no matter how much time you have to plan it is important to do it in an “as … Read more Packing Moving Boxes – Quick Tip