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    Sleep is a Luxury

    For some reason I am not yawning… My eyes are burning but I’m not yawning. It is currently 02:30 and I am still awake. I don’t have work tomorrow, or should I say today, but I do have work I want to catch up on and lack of sleep is not helping the situation. The reasons for sleep not coming easily are many but one of the most glaring issues is that I don’t currently have a set routine. I worked today, or should I say yesterday, until about 22:00, or 22:30, not sure anymore… Which means supper time was about 22:45 or so. This eating late habit means that…

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    The Benefits of a Routine

    Each day we wake up and wash our face, make the bed, clean our teeth, and have a hearty breakfast… Or do we? Routines have become a luxury for a lot of us. Whether you are single, or in a relationship, or married you may find it difficult to get into an all-important routine. While I am generalising, I do know that a lot of us struggle to stick to a routine. A lot of the time we can start one, but it can be very challenging to follow through every day. Why is this such an important issue? From a personal perspective I find that not having structure to…