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The Art of Distraction

Your country may or may not be on lockdown currently, or it was on a full lockdown which has now turned into a watered down version.
Either way, if you don’t know what COVID-19 is then you have been living under a rock.

I am not going into the “ins and outs” of what the virus is or what it may or not be cured by etc etc… This post is not about that.

What I have noticed is that people are suddenly cooking at home more, or they have decided to finally sort out their garage or office or study, because they have the time to do it. With the limit to where you can or can’t go, and in some cases curfews limiting time away from home, people are finding more time on their hands.

However my question is why does it have to take a worldwide pandemic to change how we prioritise our time at home? Why can’t we do that every day regardless?

I am just as guilty as everyone else here, I let distractions keep me from what is actually important. There is a sale at “Wheresoever” so I won’t have the time to write that blog post or clean out the fridge. There is a music festival at “Wheresoever” so I won’t have the time to study and improve that skill.

Why can’t we prioritise ourselves above the many distractions that surround us? I have finally started to prioritise my blog again, I re-packed my office so that I can focus on what I need to. Why didn’t I let myself do these things before? The answer is simple, I was being weak, distracted by every “squirrel” that ran past me. Sales and the next best shop are my weakness. It is time to be stronger is now. Make a list of your current skills and what you want to improve on. Maybe you want to learn new skills, go ahead and do that.

It’s funny, and also more than a little sad, but it took a pandemic to make me realise that I am wasting time. There is no perfect time to start doing what is important to you. Start now!

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