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The Great Ideas Black Hole

Sometimes we have a great idea for a blog post and sometimes, well we just don’t. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Work, and your home responsibilities, sometimes take over, and you are unable to get to that all important blog post that you wanted to get out there for your readers to peruse.

Sit down and plan, create a list of things you want to share. Watch some relevant YouTube content, just don’t get sucked into the YouTube black hole. Listen to a podcast or read a book that is relevant to your particular blog. Just don’t give up.

When you have your topic, write it down on your planning list as the next post topic you will be writing about. Then, and this is the fun part, start doing some research into that topic, nothing overboard, just some basic points or lists of steps pertaining to the topic.

Most of all, don’t overthink, have fun with it and the peple who read your content will definitely see that in your work.

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