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If you sit down and think about it, I mean really dig deep and think, how different is today’s world to when you were a child? If you say “No different” then you may not be paying attention, or you live on another planet

Just watching the news nowadays is like a lucky draw, will it be about a virus or war or a political spat that is destroying lives or endangering our future? It is hard to be a “glass half full” type of person with the world being the way it is.

Now you might say, “Just don’t watch the news” or “Don’t be so melodramatic, we have lives that are so much better than our parents or grandparents”. I disagree with both of those statements.

Not watching the news, or even just checking the headlines, will make you ignorant to what is happening around you and will put you and your loved ones at risk. BUT, don’t take everything you see, as truth. Be smart and think about it carefully, do research and understand what you read or hear. If you are told that a politician is going to end the world, don’t take that as gospel and let yourself become an emotional wreck. Be rational, maybe do some research and you will find that it is not the first time that has been said on any news channel. Think about what you hear, you may even realise that every news network in the world has an ulterior motive for what they report on, watching the news when you have accepted that truth helps you to filter out the ridiculous and see what is relevant to your life and family.

When it comes to the second statement, I will ask you this, do you remember your childhood? I do, 30 years ago I was living in a different province, in a small town not a big city. As children we played innocent games together. We played ball or played pretend games with our dolls, or toy cars for the boys. We spent time playing games as families with our fathers and mothers and siblings. Nowadays a child is envied if they have a mother and a father, even more so if they live in a house with both parents and don’t have to live with either parent on and off in different buildings that will never truly be homes. I don’t agree that life today is “so much better”. We have lost the meaning of family, we have lost the meaning of community, we have lost the meaning of innocence when it comes to our children.

What is the point of this post you may be asking?

With the world being the way it is today, how does a person live, happily?

Get off your chair, go and look at your significant other, go look at your children. Remember the day you first realised that you love your husband/wife. Do you remember that feeling of excitement? Do you remember the late nights talking, do you remember watching the clock at work, hoping time goes faster so that you can be with them again?

Do you remember the first time you saw your son or daughter, on the day they were born? Do you remember their first steps? Or even their first word?

No matter how the world grinds at us, trying to pull us down, there is always something positive in your life to hold onto. Wake up in the morning and walk outside. The sun shines on you and it rises every day. Look for the positive, use it as shield, don’t let darkness rule you. Don’t let negative circumstances in your life be the thing that defines who you are. Let yourself be who you know you can be.

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