Routine,  Side Note

Sleep is a Luxury

For some reason I am not yawning… My eyes are burning but I’m not yawning.

It is currently 02:30 and I am still awake. I don’t have work tomorrow, or should I say today, but I do have work I want to catch up on and lack of sleep is not helping the situation. The reasons for sleep not coming easily are many but one of the most glaring issues is that I don’t currently have a set routine. I worked today, or should I say yesterday, until about 22:00, or 22:30, not sure anymore… Which means supper time was about 22:45 or so.

This eating late habit means that my mind isn’t turning off, it’s playing a real of what I didn’t get to today in my home, what I am behind on at work, issues I need to fix. Instead of thinking about what I can do to enrich the life of my loved one and our relationship I’m spending most of my time stressing about where I am going wrong at work.

Sometimes we have to stop, think, and listen to that inner voice that we all have. Mine is currently telling me to close my eyes.

I am going to do just that. Good night all.

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