New Apartment… decluttering pending?

Having moved recently I discovered that I have a lot of stuff, yes I have decluttered more than once but I still kept so much.

Some of the clutter was, or should I say is, from my childhood. I imagined passing it down to a child one day. I have annuals (books, for people who may not have had them as children) from my mom’s childhood and mine. I have a doll that once belonged to my mom. Why would I still keep these items, knowing that I will not have a family, at least not in the traditional sense? I am an emotional hoarder. I hoard items due to their emotional attachment and also because I don’t want to upset the person who gave me said item.

The question we don’t ask ourselves is “Who will take these items when I die?” Yes that question can be seen as morbid and not very positive at all, but we need to ask it nonetheless. I have “gotten rid of” so much. In particular after my second divorce. Furniture, memories, clothing, and even emotional hang-ups. I can be proud of that. I know I can. However, I still hang on tightly to certain memories and things because of some sense of comfort.

I know that, realistically, these are just things. They cannot replace relationships with people, or replace the people we have lost along the winding road of life. Yet, they bring some type of comfort.

I am considering a more brutal purge, I say considering because I do feel that it would perhaps feel as though I am moving on from a particular stage in my life, evolving, changing. It may open new doors yes but it may also permanently close others. The next question to ask is whether or not keeping these things is holding me back from the doors that are waiting to open, to open into a new brighter and more fulfilling world…

Do you have emotional clutter? Do you have things that are filled with memories but could also be holding you back? Using all the methods on the internet cannot change how moving forward in such a drastic way can affect you.

I wish you the best on your journey, it is not easy to let go but it needs to be done.

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