Up-cycle, recycle, re-use – Organising & Crafting

Re-use what you can in your organising and crafting. A fan of black cat peanut butter? Use that glass bottle, don’t waste it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying keep every empty container for a rainy organising or crafting day. The term hoarder comes to mind, in other words me not so long ago.

What I am saying is that if you have the inspiration to suddenly make a snow globe, or have millions of paperclips lying around being sucked up by the vacuum, find a way to solve the problem.

I love peanut butter, I usually buy the one that is at the cheapest price but every now and then I buy a bottle of Black Cat, glass, yay! As a treat I also buy Nutella on the odd occasion. More glass…

I then place the used jars in a specific place in the kitchen for a week and if inspiration has not hit I get rid of them. This applies to Nesquik containers, in the past it applied to wine bottles, it applies to empty toilet roll holders, it applies to empty roller towel holders, I could go on but you catch my drift.

Empty roller towel holders make great guinea pig chew toys and also help to preserve your favourite boots, when you let your boots get all flopsy at the bottom it can damage the leather/pleather.



Cereal boxes also make for great chew toys and

fun activities for guinea pigs.


Empty toilet roll holders are great for cable organising (Don’t Lose Those Cables), they are also, surprise surprise, great guinea pig chew toys.




Nutella and Black Cat peanut butter jars make great storage solutions. Add to it with bling or leave it as is, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

The only limit really is your imagination. Yes, Pinterest can help with that, but you can also tap into your own imagination and be Pinterest ready. Go for it.

My question to you today is – What great ideas do you have to share when it comes to organising? Lets share some inspiration here.

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