Multitasking, kill those tasks

Having an “air punchingly” good multitasking day? Brilliant, but not everyone can multitask, and I don’t mean women can but men can’t. I know of people, both men and women, who can do it brilliantly so I am not referring to gender stereotyping at all.

I have my good days and my bad days but I have discovered a few tricks that have helped me personally and I want to share them with you, maybe you can find some that help. Some may seem obvious but when I am really hectic and time is short I don’t always see the wood for the trees.

Scenario 1: I get home and go to make some dinner/supper, I know that the dishwasher needs to be unpacked and the clean dishes packed in their designated spaces. While the food is cooking I keep an eye on it while I unpack the dishwasher and the dishwasher is ready for the load from that night.

Scenario 2: I need to file those dreaded accounts, receipts and such. But I really wanted to watch that new episode of Game of Thrones or Doctor Who, so I sit my butt down on the floor in front of the goggle box and do the filing while the episode is on. Granted, this only works if you can concentrate on two things at once, but I have never found filing to be something that requires my undivided attention.

Scenario 3: Dusting required? Put a movie on… I don’t mean the type of movie that needs 100% concentration like Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (brilliant movie by the way, I highly recommend it – IMDB) but I have found that Trolls, or even The Hangover movies, have worked quite well for moments such as these. Doing this not only helps you to get the job done but it also makes it seem less time consuming or boring

Scenario 4: You need to read a book, it’s all about some very important aspect of a course you are doing, a degree you are working towards, or you simply need to learn more about how the Incas lived… Listen to an audio book while you work on that body of yours, having the audio book playing will help with the pain.

Scenario 5: You need to have a deep and meaningful conversation with a loved one (pick your poison, whatsapp calling or an actual phone call) but you also need to organise your grocery cupboard because just the other day you lost a can of soup and that can’t be good because even a can of soup expires. Put your hands free to good use, have that convo and declutter the groceries. Your stomach and health will thank you while your loved one will appreciate the attention.

Scenario 6: So little time in the morning? Checklists don’t work? Have your breakfast while plotting out your week or day, I have personally “breaksfasted” while going through my habit tracker (free printable), making sure that I am getting off to a good start with my daily routine, and doing this really helps me feel in control of my schedule and myself. Good day ahead and no surprises, at least not at home.

Think about your own routine, the above examples are not cookie cutter plans for you to follow blindly. They are ideas that may spark an idea in you.

What can you do to complete more in less time? Any ideas for me? I am all ears always… I love new ideas.


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