Habit Trackers – used as a To-Do List

I have used various habit tracking apps on my mobile. I didn’t stick to the habits because “things came up”. Or at least that is what I told myself. There was always something else more important to do.

I have used To-Do lists but I have been sketchy when it come to checking it properly. I still use To-Do lists but not for the every day things I need to do.

I decided to use a printed habit tracker and combined it with my daily To-Do’s. I have been using it consistently for a while now and I am happy to say that it is working and I am sticking to it. I am not saying that I am sticking to the habits, but I am sticking to the tracker and as a result I have been able to assess where I have gone wrong and where I can improve.

I have uploaded a free printable for you to try if you would like to. Mine is set up as follow, in the left hand column I have listed the daily habits that I want to track. I have listed things such as working out, eating fruit, packing lunch and even preparing my work clothes for the next day. So far, it is working for the most part. I marked off “skip days” for the workouts with washy tape and left the workout days open.

This tracker works as my reminder list, To-Do list, and also as my habit forming list. I mark off the days with my colourful pens so that it is easier to track which habit/task I am marking off.

Free Printable

Microsoft Excel in A4 and Letter

Habit Tracker (A4)

Habit Tracker (Letter)

PDF in A4 and Letter

Habit Tracker (A4)

Habit Tracker (Letter)

Each morning I mark off my morning routine and each evening I mark off my evening routine. I have managed to get some really good habits off to a good start, and will continue to try and take better care of myself.

What would you add to your habit tracker? Do you prefer to use electronic habit trackers?

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