Go easy on yourself…

Sometimes our most harmful critic can be ourselves. We all have moments where we do something that is out of character, not normal for us. We all make mistakes in our every day lives, but the secret is to learn from that and not beat ourselves up.

These can be big ones or little very silly ones. I am an all or nothing type of person. I have filmed footage for my YouTube channel which I have later scrapped and I have then berated myself for not trying harder to make it perfect. Nothing in life is 100% perfect. Perfect is boring… I have the t-shirt, no I literally have a t-shirt that says exactly that.

I filmed footage for a video a few days ago, I was really excited and I had wanted to complete this particular craft for probably just over a month. It was D-Day finally and nothing was going to stop me. I gathered all the materials, started going through the steps, and felt really good about what I perceived to be a great project.

But then it came to the final piece of footage and I discovered that the lights I wanted to use in my amazing “light-bulb moment” had suddenly stopped working. I was disappointed, and more than a little mad at myself, because I had probably damaged them during the preparation and now my crafting video was bust.

But then I took a step back, and thought about it for a moment, I had not wasted my time. I could still use my jar, just not yet for the purpose I had previously wanted to use it for. So I re-purposed it as a storage jar. It looks great and I am happy with it, even though the twinge of disappointment is still there at least I have not wasted it.

My tea light candles are nearer to my essential oil diffuser (what can I say… I am a lazy person sometimes) and it looks good too.

The point? We go through life succeeding sometimes and failing sometimes. The aim is to not rip yourself apart over the failures but to rather learn from them, absorb that lesson and move on to use it to your advantage. Life is difficult enough and we all have enough (mostly uninformed) critics out there without being our own biggest critic.

You’re doing great, just keep going and take it step-by-step, or as someone very special to me says… Paw-for-Paw.

Take it day by day and you’ll see, it will work out.

What do you do to work through disappointments? How do you deal?

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