Finding a new home

Moving is daunting. Even more so when you don’t actually know where you will land up. Plan ahead, choose the areas that you like the most and investigate them before making a final decision.

When you live alone there are many factors that need to be considered before you move. Safety is a real concern. If you are not sure about a particular area, do your research.

List the pro’s and con’s of each area. Go to the area, either by car or by public transport so that you can get a feel for the places available there. Is it close to shops? Is it close to a hospital or police station. Decide what is important and then list it so that you can make an informed decision.

Free Printable:

Microsoft Excel in A4 and Letter

Choosing an area (A4)

Choosing an area (Letter)

PDF in A4 and Letter

Choosing an area (A4)

Choosing an area (Letter)


If you are a fan of living in an apartment or townhouse, list the ones that interest you the most.

Then visit property rental or sale sites to check the prices for the area. Here in SA we have a few to choose from, I like to use use Private Property for example. You will find that a lot of agents and owners list properties across multiple sites to make sure that they get enough exposure to sell or rent out their property. If you plan to rent, important things to look at on the listing would be:

  1. Whether or not water is included in the rent
  2. Would you be able to fit all of your water based appliances in the kitchen (you can usually see this in the kitchen photos)?
  3. Do you want/need a balcony?
  4. Are you willing to downsize to live in that area?
  5. Would you feel 100% safe living there alone, in other words does the complex / block have 24 hour security?
  6. If you have pets does the listing state that pets are allowed, even if by body corporate permission?
  7. Does the listing include parking details such as a garage?

Take your time to choose, narrow your list of areas down to 2 or 3 and take the time to consider every aspect before making a final decision.

What are your ideal requirements when it comes to choosing an area to live in?

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