“Writer’s Block” – Plan for success

We all experience writer’s block at some point. I have blogged before. Those blogs have been committed to the blog graveyard, most likely due to the fact that I was not blogging about something that I was interested. I was blogging for the sake of blogging and that is why I hit writer’s block. I then lost interest and that was that.

I started my YouTube channel and blog because I wanted to share my passions for organising, crafting and DIY. I dove in head first and didn’t plan it, as is my impulsive way. But that is changing, I am now planning my posts. What will I post? What do I want to cover in my posts? These are questions I am asking myself and I believe this will create a successful formula that I can carry forward into the future.

I am a huge checklist fan, to-do lists and planning lists are something I used a lot in the past and the last few years I have veered away from them which became evident in my panicky last minute disasters.

I have created checklists for both.

Whether you have a blog or have a YouTube channel, or both, you could try planning what you want to achieve. Give yourself the chance to strategise your next great idea. This is not something that should stifle your creativity, not by any means, it should aid you in being as creative as you know you can be.

I have uploaded 2 free printables, have a look and see if they can help you plan your posts. The first one is the blog planner. You can decide what your post will be about and then list what you want to cover so that you don’t forget the important points that you want to cover. At the bottom of the planner you can list what you need to remember to do for the post. For example, I needed to remember to upload the printables in PDF and Microsoft Word format so I listed that. It is your list, go wild.

The second printable is the video planner. Decide what your topic will be and then list the elements needed for the video and include the possible challenges. For example, spray painting pieces of a particular craft/DIY would have to be done outside. If you live on a high traffic road, like I do, it will create a challenge with regards the audio of the video, solution being to voice over the spray painting portion.

However you choose to plan your posts, enjoy it and have fun. Don’t beat yourself up if the planning doesn’t work out perfectly. Start again and enjoy it.

You can find both of the free printables mentioned in this post on my Free Printables page

How do you plan your posts?

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